Harmonious Living: Jhamtani Ace Villas Embraces Natural Design Aesthetics

In the heart of Hinjewadi, a new paradigm of luxury living has emerged with the introduction ofJhamtani Ace Villas. These luxurious 4 & 5-bedroom villas are not just residences, but a testament to the marriage of design ingenuity and natural aesthetics. Much like Le Corbusier’s fascination with the golden ratio, the project has seamlessly woven this concept into its grid designs, creating a symphony of harmony and beauty.

Your Home is Your Castle

Starting at an enticing Rs. 8.00 Cr* onwards, Jhamtani Ace Villas Pune beckons those who seek a life of opulence. With a spacious carpet area of 5440 sq. ft., these villas redefine the meaning of space. The unique 3-side open building structure ensures an abundance of natural light and ventilation, fostering an atmosphere of openness and tranquility.

Picture this: your very own personal top terrace area, an exquisite canvas for hosting open-sky private gatherings. The villa’s piece de resistance is a personal plunge pool with a water cascade, pool deck, and pergola roof structure, culminating in an exclusive oasis of relaxation and entertainment. The project takes versatility to new heights by offering a personal basement area, ideal for storage or for pursuing various multipurpose activities, allowing residents to customize their spaces according to their desires.

Nature becomes an integral part of the living experience with private front and backyard garden areas. These well-thought-out spaces, complete with a raised deck and open seating, create an intimate connection with the outdoors, providing a retreat from the bustle of urban life.

The commitment to modern convenience is evident with the provision of a personal home elevator, ensuring easy access across all levels of the villa. Uninterrupted power is also guaranteed through the provision for 100% power backup/DG set, allowing residents to enjoy seamless functionality and comfort.

A Higher Form of Realty

Security and elegance intertwine at the main entry, embellished with double doors featuring an electronic/biometric lock for heightened safety without compromising sophistication. Stay connected to the outdoors with anodized aluminum framed sliding doors that offer unhindered views while keeping out unwanted elements. Even the balconies exude elegance, thanks to premium water-resistant PVC false ceilings with a wooden finish. With bathrooms transformed into sanctuaries of comfort through premium series branded CP and sanitary fittings, the villas promise a daily retreat reminiscent of a luxurious spa experience.

The extravagant location and connectivity make this project one of the best properties in Pune. It welcomes you to the new crest, where every toast you raise resonates with your energy.

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