Real estate investment: Should you invest now or not?

The real estate market in India is being propelled by strong infrastructure improvements and rising demand. The increased desire for homeownership benefits residential real estate because homebuyers believe that residential property will produce a higher return over the long term. Even if many individuals are interested in investing in real estate, there is a definite group of hesitant people. The reasons may be the following:

Home loan: Home purchasers struggle with home loans since they occasionally cannot get the required loan amount approved. The buyer’s credit score could drop as a result of things like missing EMI payments and defaulting, which could make future borrowing challenging. 

Budget: Finding the ideal home while staying within one’s means is a difficult undertaking. The style of property and the location you might choose depending on your budget, which is a key consideration. Some homebuyers possess the capital required to cover the price of the property. Most home purchasers make compromises because they lack the cash to purchase the property they want.

Builder’s reputation: The reputation of the builder can be under question. It is possible to have doubts about his ability to finish the project on time. Buyers of houses could also be concerned about the building materials. The majority worries about retaliation, harassment, and additional delivery delays.

Why should you invest in realty right at this moment?

It is a wonderful moment to invest given the current growth potential and the positive feelings surrounding the real estate sector. India’s favorable real estate market is luring buyers and investors, especially at a time when cautious investing is still the rule.

Value appreciation: The housing market always bounces back after busts and downturns, and it did the same after the Coronavirus. The value of real estate always rises with time. When it comes to the right time to sell, a wise investment can net you a sizable profit. 

Cash flow: Real estate has a substantial capacity for cash flow generation. A consistent monthly rental income is a great incentive for passive income and provides the investor with long-term economic security.

Tax benefits: Real estate investment can provide tax advantages. By lowering or eliminating tax and rental income tax payments, and taking full advantage of these tax incentives, you can be helped in creating significant long-term income. If you have made investments, you may deduct up to Rs. 1.5 lakh from your total taxable income under Section 80C of the ITA.

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