Why is Magarpatta the best place to buy a residential property in Pune?

Due to the growth of both residential and commercial properties, Magarpatta in Pune has become a well-known real estate destination. This locality is a good choice for real estate due to its location and fine transportation network. Investing in a property in Magarpatta would be a wise long-term decision for investors. Find out what makes Magarpattaa property hotspot in Pune by reading on.

MagarpattaIT Park is located here

Magarpatta is one of the top IT parks which helps the economy of Pune. The IT Park also offers lots of space for business development. Magarpatta is also close to several significant IT clusters:

  • Phursungi IT Park has a distance of 6.5 km from here.
  • The Cerebrum IT Park is situated 6 km away.

The real estate market in Magarpatta is always appealing due to the area’s appeal to investors looking for better residences close to their workplaces.

Benefits of great transport and connectivity

Those looking for a place to reside in Magarpattawill greatly benefit from the region’s excellent transport system.

  • Magarpattais 8 km from the Pune railway station.
  • The locality is 9 km away from Pune International Airport.
  • Magarpattato NIBM distance is 8.5 km.
  • Magarpattais separated by 5.5 km from Kalyani Nagar.

A place with great facilities

Magarpattais a place of great facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, multiplexes, etc.

Reputed educational institutes here are:

  • VidyaPratishthan’sMagarpatta City Public School
  • Head Over Heels
  • Vivero International
  • Abbey’s Academia
  • Little Millennium

Hospitals include:

  • Noble Hospital
  • Gupte Hospital

Shopping malls here include:

  • Seasons Mall
  • AmanoraMall

Property and price trends

The residential locality of Magarpatta has come a long way to earn its reputation. The development and investment of residential properties in this Pune locality are highly desired by developers and investors.On average, apartments of 2 and 3 BHK units can be found at prices between Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 70 lakhs.

Value appreciation of properties

Real estate property purchased in Magarpattahas a rapid rate of appreciation. A property bought in 2022 would increase in value by about 15% by 2030 in this Pune locality. Investors have the option of purchasing a project for themselves or renting it out; in either case, there would be a value appreciation. Homebuyers can sell their residences for twice as much when prices increase if they buy a property now.

New Launch in Magarpatta

A deluxe residential project, New Launch in Magarpatta is the ultimate name of style and class. Residents of this property can enjoy plush features in their residences. Over here 2 and 3 BHK units are available. This is your dream home where you can live happily with your near and dear ones amidst all the facilities provided here. So, if you want a residence with lavish features,this is your place to be.

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